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Comments (9)

why da fuck do u wanna battle zajed??????
that guys murders u in 5 minutes SERIOUSLY!
its no point, its like when i would wanna go against eminem in rapping god damnit. Z has been on front page so many times and shit u gunna git soooo ripped man´. um gunna enjoy watching u bleed to deathAHAHHAA

yeah i know ill lose

im doing it for fun

on a side note, u zerobombed me again
when r u going to stop hating on me?!

what good wit the music i know some people that can help you cuz get you an deal

tell me more,

also are u talking about rapping or producing, im not much of a producer
i doubt any one would be interested

So much love goin around. Fuck a beat battle, them shits is based off biased preferences. Lets fucking collab or somethin lol

i'd love to collab with u

i really like ur style man

Yep yep. I'm NG's most underrated along side with Yun =D

But yeh, hit me up on AIM or MSN or somethin. I could show ya a good thing or two about sampling, mastering, and all that other fancy shit in which I whore so much :3

Hit meh up

How lucky, young Daniel-san. It is rare that the master Dub-S offers to show one the secret, hidden art of mastering and sampling...take this chance and run with it for the road is rocky, and his training is like thick, rubber soled boots to corss the landscape with. Or something.

Keep it pimpin' and keep doin' what you do.



You actually belive that guy with his signing? No one comes to NG to sign people, lol. Good luck with your WS collab btw.

no he's ful of bs

i just like to try and find out how far these guys will go

lmfao @ IG


I'd love to challenge you, but all of my equipment is in storage right now. How about in 7 months or so?

sounds cool man

i really like ur beats

hahaha... wow, i had a post up bout beat battlin for so long... i think its great for hip hop to include competition... matter of fact...

<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/154743">http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/154743</a>

dats my response to my first beat battle, peep it out...

n i havent listened to ur music yet, but i wanna beat battle u too if ur up for it!! holla!!!