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BEst beat of all time

2009-05-05 22:30:42 by Two-Shekel

It can be from any producer any time period, regular track ,or remix

what do you guys think?


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2009-05-08 05:44:36

"Noisia - Meditation"... everything fits on that Tune seriously if they would ask me what I like the ost on it I couldnt point anything out. Its just everything that comes sooo well together. But I think I like the break a BIT more then the rest ;)

Two-Shekel responds:



2009-05-11 21:56:18

Dj Shadow "7 Days", instrumental hip-hop at it's best. Thou shalt jam, my sons.

Two-Shekel responds:

its pretty hot,
just looked it up

i gotta give points to good morning or can't tell me nothing by ye

but this is mad good


2009-05-13 18:21:55

Can't narrow down to one but I'll list a few of my favorites

GZA - Shadowboxin'
Alchemist - Key to the City
Geto Boys - G-code
Nas - One Love
Trae - Swang

too many more to name..


2009-05-22 02:00:13

I think you have a lot of talent period


2009-05-22 02:04:17

To answer your beat questions
Dead Wrong- Biggie/Eminem
Riot Makers- Tech N9ne
Blood In Blood Out- Jedi Mind Tricks
Show You How to Hustle- Pharrell

I think Pharrell and Jedi Mind has some dope as beats for the most part.


2009-06-23 20:14:41

does it has to be hiphop lol? xD