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Long Absence

2009-07-02 16:36:59 by Two-Shekel

i'm sorry if i havnt posted stuff up for a bit
but i've been getting really into the freshmen of 09
particularly B.O.B and Asher


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2009-07-10 10:28:01 I listened to one of his songs by accident; it sounded like 90's radio rock with cheesy hip hop drums over it and sub-par rapping. No disrespect to your opinion if you dig it though.


2009-07-10 14:24:40

u probably heard i love college... thats his catchy single-type song
his rapping isnt so good there
listen to his other stuff, its a lot better

Two-Shekel responds:

that sounds about right to me


2009-07-17 13:10:06

more beats please lol