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2010-02-05 13:10:15 by Two-Shekel

I know people do this every five minutes and they always come back, but i think i'm done with this site. Like, it's rally good for starting off and there is some real talent here but its getting to be more and more of a hassle uploading my beats every time i make one. It's just getting kind of boring and i think there are better things to do with my time.

see ya all

-Big ups to K-dm and Flashmac and errbody else


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2010-02-16 01:51:41

I feel you man, that's why I don't upload very much anymore. Let me know where you're gonna put your beats up tho, they're starting to get real good


2010-04-05 20:41:57

yo at least lets stay in touch with msn hu?


2011-10-06 19:23:26

no well to late now i wanted you to make me a dark odd intense beat but nvm