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Political views

2008-10-13 23:03:22 by Two-Shekel

Personally i'm for obama, i find palin/mcain ridiculous

what are your political views though?

just wondering, no spamming bullshit

last beat

2008-07-23 13:36:50 by Two-Shekel

i just put up my last beat on the site
but ill still be here to review tracks and make fun of lejin



2008-06-10 22:46:08 by Two-Shekel

yeah so im b-battling everyone now
like wytenoiz and zajed are doing

unlike them im more of a rapper than a producer so ill probably lose every battle
but it will be fun and im sure ill learn alot

upcoming battles, Flashmac, Zajed, Aeradynamic mabye, and anyone else is welcomed to challenge me


dying earth

2008-06-09 12:45:02 by Two-Shekel

i recently made a beat for aeradynamics dying earth project
be sure to check the beat out and look at aeradynamics page to find out what going on

new beat

2008-05-30 01:01:32 by Two-Shekel

i think i just made my best beat ever

im just going to edit a little more

im bored

2008-05-29 23:54:11 by Two-Shekel

thats about it

The battle

2008-05-27 21:24:22 by Two-Shekel

alright, i pulled fifth place, so in a way its better than last time

what i learned if anything, is dont let ur emotion get in the way

i got too pissed off and my flow became alot worse than it normally is
you have to keep it cool to really own someone

50 bucks this time so ive now made 75 bucks total in my "rapping career"


well it was fun


new rap battle

2008-05-20 23:47:53 by Two-Shekel

so, same highschool that hosted rap-battle just a bit ago is calling back the top ten for another battle
this time with mic from the beggining

so i got called back, and hopefully ill win, tho i probably wont lol

and like flashmac said, mabye i can have a mic this time, so that i dont ruin potential record deals

wish me luck-


big ups to K-dm, Wytenoiz, Greeksta, Smurf, and flashmac, kill-bill, and p-balla

and two big ass middle fingers to lejin and his fake accounts

The battle

2008-04-29 19:39:41 by Two-Shekel

alright, straight off ill tell u i came in sixth place,
but there were actually fifty rappers so thats no where near as bad as it sounds,
actually its pretty good

i did very well to the final battle i got eliminated in, where i got skooled
so badly it was embarrassing

i was in the top ten and got a 25 dollar cash prize (yupee)
but it was really more for fun than for money or anything
rappings really a hobby for me, i dont plan to make a career out of it

i got noticed by a minor record label guy who said he thought i had alot of potential,
and he asked me to send him a few of my raps, but when i told him i didn't
have a mic so i didnt have any recorded songs he lost interest

all in all tho, i had a really good time, and got to see some really talented rappers
and im glad i was part of it



freestyle contest

2008-04-28 16:10:31 by Two-Shekel

alright, contest is tommorow

i just found out theres gonna be like 50 people so im kind of nervous
but ill probably dominate...
jk, ill get skooled :D

whatev, wish me luck