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This is definitely a runners beat. Good Job. You are so genuine.

THERUNNERS responds:

Quit Hatin'!


oh man

i'm glad someone did a rap for this beat, sickest thing yun ever did

i thought your delivery was better on that last song i favorite
but your lyricism and story telling is great on this

downright chilling


BigRed responds:

Yun has got some amazing stuff. This is one of those songs I knew I had to write something to in a few seconds. I hope I did it justice, haha.

I'm still fooling around with my delivery style, I think it'll be a while before a find something and stick to it. I'll remember that though! Thanks for the review, I'm glad you liked it!


this really is crazy, i feel like its gotta be one of your best

drumline is crazy, love flute line

flashmac responds:

Thanks a lot man. I appreciate it

this is the shit

i love the verse

basslines so good, piano line is sort of haunting

when its just drums bass and piano it sounds like an oldskool vibe

flashmac responds:

thanks dude. it's been a long time

pretty cool

atmospheric, and gritty

I'd make the drums more consistent without as much starting and stopping, and mabye cut the scratch synth

but i like it

btw- is it named after the cask of amontadillo

AeraDynamic responds:

eeehm... the drums are alright imo, they are meant to be minimalistic ;) and if I cut the synth ther is nothing left then the beat cause the bells are just background and not strong enough to match up with the drums. also the synth is the main part of the track, you will see when I release the final song and NOOO this is not named after the cask of amontadillo (whoever this is lol)

this is crazy

man your nice

BigRed responds:


Oh Shitttt

This is so fly

I got pretty high standards and you just fucked them up

i can't get over this


Nofets responds:

I do what I can with what ability was given to me. You were one of the first to list me as a favorite artist like a year ago. Thanks.

The music is amazing

rushed or not this is scary good

hot as hell

i particularly love around :45 when the koto comes in on a faster part

the only thing i would switch is to make the drums different
like, a super bass thumper kick, and a cool clap/snare

but this is awesome

props to both of you

K-Dm responds:


well it originally started out as a rock song which is y we used a rock kit for the drums lol

ill probly upload a more refined version sometime soon so check back



hot beat

no disrespect to your rapper but i'm not loving the flow

but seriously, the beats crazy

BOOMBLAST responds:

your just being honest G, but bless for the love. respect


nice hearing someone on my stuff

i love all the flows

id work on the mixing though so your voices come off clearer

worldsXdeadliestXman responds:

yeah it was three diff peeps working on there own mixing thats why glad you like it but i agree it could be mixed better

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