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nice hearing someone on my stuff

i love all the flows

id work on the mixing though so your voices come off clearer

worldsXdeadliestXman responds:

yeah it was three diff peeps working on there own mixing thats why glad you like it but i agree it could be mixed better


i was just thinking, you have a great voice

and, like no offense, but your not great at making beats

so.. i think you should quit the whole producing thing, but instead focus on yourself as a singer

cuz you sounded great at the beggining, and i was just thinking if u had a really nice beat behind you it would be hott

its alright

you might want a little more musical flow to this if you know what i mean

i like that you have a bassline but i think its a little off

a good way to fine a simple but on bassline is to see what notes your playing on the pulses

StormEagle1984 responds:

Yeah, I hate fl for its bass sounds. I'v tried over a million times and can never create the bass sound I want. this is I think the last beat I made before I switched to using midi outs and fruity LSD. I have a casio keyboard so its got the exact sounds I play on there, thats where judge me hoe came from using the casio.


everything you do is really beautiful

K-Dm responds:

thx as always

glad ur still listening to my music


first song

very good for a first

i'd some reverb to your sounds for a realer sound

and mabye use an original drum kit

but great start man

keep it up

pretty damn fiery

so fuckin getto


it actually took me two goes to get all the lyrics lol

my only advice would be to at times slow your flow down, impressive as it is for a more menacing sound in general, im not saying like jeezy slow but you know what i mean

i think jay-z actually did alot better after he slowed his flow donw whihc originally was quite fast too

but this is crazy, eminemish at times just cause of the sarcasm

my only other advice would be to make the dubbing a little louder

but w.e lol


its parellish cuz the flanger sounds exactly like that he beat he did for busta

pretty damn good

i feel like a harder kick would be good for the beat, but overall its great


sad and terrifying..

sort of..

but truly awesome

AeraDynamic responds:

Glad u like it, it took months to get this done with Z >,<


very very pretty

i think the one word that would really fit is epic

im glad to see your back

we have to do our collab too


K-Dm responds:

lol thx as always

n ya for sure we should get on that collab lol


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